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News Letter August-2022

Parish Council Meetings.

Faith Fest was organized on 31st July by the Catechism Department for the children, with special activities and lessons, based on our tradition and faith. It was a half day programme; Tiffin was served for all the participants and special arrangements were made for confession. The programme ended with special prayer and Mass

Special gathering and review meeting was conducted for SMYM members on July 31st- Shine 2022. The meeting was hosted to promote the unity and faith among the youth and fraternity as well.

The parish council members participated in the Training program organized by the diocese. August 2022

Parish picnic was conducted on 6th of August as part of community boosting event. The event marked massive participation and was filled with games and activities for all age group. Community kitchen and food counters were also organized as part of the event to build up the unity and strength in the community.

Parish Family Picnic (6th Aug)

Mathruvedi had organized the games and activities for all age group on family Picnic Day. The activities and games were conducted based on age groups and categories and gifts were distributed. Mathruvedi members had also supported the food counter. The activities had enriched the event with fun helped the parish to nourish the unity and strength.


On July 31st We held Faith Fest for all catechism students. The students took part in many activities like learning about Mother Teresa, bible quizzes, spiritual action songs, crossword puzzles and coloring. There was also food and refreshments during and after the activities.


SMYM gathering were conducted and many youths turned up for the gathering and prayed together after had a brief socialization


On August 6th we held a parish picnic, which started from 10 am to 7pm. There were registrations for all families, we had various games for all ages. Some of the games Included were running races, lemon spoon races, ball passing and ship shore. There was also a lunch buffet, which included rice and chicken curry. There were also refreshments like lemonade, pop and buttermilk available for sale. BBQ was served at 5 pm, which included chicken, paratha and a salad.

Nurses Ministry Report

Nurses Ministry Members conducted a chain rosary on August 13th for the whole world

begging for the intercession of the whole world. Monthly prayer (August) led by Regina Nurses Ministry members and word of God given by Fr. Tomy Mandapathil

St John Paul II Knights of Columbus Council # 17190 August 2022

K of C monthly Council meeting was held on Sunday, August 21st after the holy Mass. New officers for the fraternal year 2022-23 were selected in this meeting and they are as follows: Joy George as Grand Knight, Bestin Kurian as Deputy Grand Knight, Jaise Cheriyan as Financial Secretary, Arun Abraham as Treasurer, Amal M Thomas as Recorder, Majesh Joy as Lecturer, Alex Antony as Advocate, Biju M Paulose as Warden, James as Inside Guard, Sajith as Outside Guard, and Tijesh Mani, Vijo Varghese, and Rajeev Augustine are as Trustees. The Council under new leadership is looking forward to serving the parish and the local community through various programs such as food program and coats for kids to name a few and many more are in the planning stage. Knights actively participated in the recent church summer picnic conducted on the first weekend of August.

Birthday Celebration Fr. Daris :

On August 2nd parishioners celebrated Fr.Daris Birthday

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