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Newsletter February 2024

Ash Monday Celebrations

Ash Monday Celebrations were conducted on Feb 11th, Sunday during Holy Mass and, all participated in the traditional Mass, where ashes are blessed and imposed on the foreheads of the faithful as a symbol of mortality and repentance. This act reminds Christians of their need for penance and renewal as they enter the Lenten season.

REJOICE - Jesus Youth Kids One Day Program

Jesus Youth Saskatchewan conducted a one-day program ‘REJOICE’ for the catechism students of St. John Paul II Syro Malabar Catholic Parish, Regina on February 24th 2024. The day was attended by almost 65 catechism students across grades 1 to 12 and 15 catechism teachers and Jesus Youth volunteers. The program began at 11:00am with engaging action songs and ice breaking game. The students were divided into 2 Groups (Group A: grade 1-5 & Group B: grade 6-12) and were led into separate sessions on the topic ‘God loves You – You are unique & precious’. Session for group B was led by Mary Angel Jobi with a talk, song & video inputs and group A was led by Vinisha Gomes with fun craft activities & bible verse action songs. After lunch, students danced & enjoyed themselves to a couple of more action sings and then were led to a skit enactment of the ‘Forgiveness Tree’ story. This was followed by the activity of tying ribbons on the tree symbolizing ‘God’s forgiving Love’. Students were again divided into groups and were led into separate sessions by Mary Angel Jobi & Sherine George on ‘The importance of Holy Mass’. This was followed by a beautiful time of Adoration before the blessed sacrament with students actively participating by singing worship songs. The day concluded with the celebration of the Holy Qurbana by Fr. Daris which was attended by students and parents. The students were excited and happy and spent a day truly ‘Rejoicing’ in the Lord!



General Body Meeting


A general body meeting was conducted on 4th February 2024. A report on the previous year was presented in the meeting and account was detailed and approved. Reverent Father Daris appreciated the committee and members for their renowned service.


A new committee was elected to continue the activities of Mathruvedhi:

President                     :           Sandhya Sabu

Vice President             :           Jaisy Bestin

Secretary                   :         Claudia Stephen

Treasurer                    :          Jisha

Councilor                     :       Aiby Jimson / Reshma



The General body has approved this committee. All members were asked to bring in innovative ideas for future activities and to enhance the participation of the parish members in Mathruvedi.


The meeting was dispersed with the blessing by Reverent Father.

Catechism Department Updates


Teachers’ meeting was conducted on 28th January. In this meeting, we did an evaluation about our first term catechism examination. In addition to this, Achan urged the teachers, to teach the basic prayers in their classes and also reminded about the need to improve the Pious Association activities in our parish. As the Lenten season was about to begin, our grade 6 students did a small presentation about the Lenten season for the whole catechism classes on 11th February Sunday. Through illustrations and posters, they presented it well, and all our students attentively listened to it.

Nurses Ministry Updates

On February 5th international nurses ministry held the first orientation class for the newly elected members. On February 8th nurses ministry held a night vigil for all the nurses and their families. On February 13th Canada nurses ministry did chain rosary for the upcoming Lenten retreat, most of the members participated. Then on the same day international nurses ministry held the second orientation class. On February 19th the third orientation class was held, by international nurses ministry. After that nurses ministry coordinators from every region selected a national coordinator, dolly was selected as a national coordinator from Canada. On February 24th a special formation program will be held by father Arun kalamattathil.

Lenten Retreat -Led by Br. Santhosh Karumathra

Lenten Retreat was conducted on 25th to 27th. It was a great blessing and the church was packed with participants on Sunday and following days. It was lead by Bro. Santosh Karumathra and confession and other ministers were also done with the Lenten Retreat.


Ash Monday Celebration

                       St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar mission celebration Ash Monday at Moose jaw on 11th February Sunday. Fr. Tomy Mandapathil MST celebrated the Solemn Holy Mass. around 75 people participated. They had a wonderful socialization with parishioners after Holy Mass. Ash Monday Services were celebrated with wearing a marking of the Cross in ash on their foreheads.

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