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Newsletter December 2023

Catechism Department Updates

The catechism classes are going well in our Parish. On the first Sunday of December, each classes selected Christmas friends (Secret Santa) with in their classes and gifts were exchanged on 17th December. Majority of our students submitted their drawings/posters for the Knights of Columbus Christmas Poster Contest. The winners of the contest are not yet announced, waiting for the result.


Nurses Ministry Updates

On November 29th nurse’s ministry held a core committee meeting at 8:30. Most of coordinators attended the meeting. Our spiritual director father Daris addressed the meeting. Father Daris explained about the eparchial assembly experience held on November 9-12th. Mrs. Sheeba Pius discussed about the international nurse’s ministry meeting in Dubai. On December 13th nurses’ ministry held chain rosary. On December 14 from 6am to December 15 till 3pm Canada nurse’s ministry held bible reading for New Testament. The Regina region selected time slot on December 16th at 8am -9am, It began with a blessing with our bishop and final blessings was given by our spiritual director father Daris. On the 20th of December Canada nurse’s ministry held a meeting with all the coordinators. Later at 3pm Prayer to talk about the great call that was held on June, was discussed. On December 17 Regina nurse’s ministry conducted a meeting with father Daris. The main agenda of the meeting is to elect new leaders to the core committee. We elected the new service team of Regina.


Installation of New Extra Ordinary Holy Communion Minister


On 17th December 2023, Sunday during Holy Mass, Jemon Joseph was installed as new Extraordinary Holy Communion Minister. He completed his course and received appointment from Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil.

Parish Christmas Night & Dinner 2023


Under the guidance and leadership of our Vicar, Fr. Daris, our Christmas celebration was delightful! We extend sincere thanks to Fr. Daris for his unwavering efforts in bringing us all together.

Our Invited Guest were Rev. Fr. Vasyl from St. Athanasius Ukrainian Church, Fr. Oliver Inchody and Fr. Francis who joined accepting our invitation as judges for the Carol singing competition.We sincerely appreciate the dedication and effort of all the members who invested their time in the Carol singing; you were the shining stars of the event.

Likewise, our heartfelt appreciation goes to all the children, performers, parents, and instructors for their relentless dedication. Without you, this event wouldn’t have been possible.

Carol Competition : 1st Prize Winner St.John Paul II Unit

  Carol Competition : 2nd Prize Winner St.Mary's Unit


Carol Competition : 3rd Prize Winner Holy Family Unit

More Pictures Please follow the below link


Christmas & New Year Celebration

St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar mission celebration Holy Mass at Moose jaw on 3rd December. Fr. Tomy Mandapathil MST celebrated the Solemn Holy Mass. around 50 people participated. They had a wonderful socialization with parishioners after Holy Mass. On 26th December Tuesday Christmas & New Year Mass was celebrated by Fr. Daris Cherian.

We had around 75 Participants for the Holy Mass and followed by Christmas Dinner

Dec 3rd 2023 Sunday Holy Mass

                Christmas & New Year Holy Mass: December 26th Tuesday


Holy Mass was celebrated on December 2nd, 2023, Saturday by Rev. Fr. Daris Cherian, this was the first time after the pandemic, we restarted the Holy Mass at Yorkton. This was an occasion for all the new commers to come together and to have socialization after the Holy Mass. We decided to have our next Holy Mass on January 1st, 2024.

Holy Mass on December 2nd 2023

Carol Singing by Infant Jesus Mission -Yorkton

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