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News Letter April 2023

Holy Week

Kozhukkatta Sani

Kozhukkatta Sani was Celebrated on April 1st Saturday at 6 PM. We had the celebration with Holy Mass and the blessing of special food prepared as offering (Kozhukkatta ) on this Saturday. Everyone who joined for the Holy Mass brought the Kozhukkatta what they prepared at home. After the Holy Mass the parish priest blessed it and everyone joined to have their own share.

Palm Sunday Celebrations

Holy Palm Sunday was celebrated on April 2nd with solemn celebrations. The Celebration started at 6 PM with High solemn Holy Mass and blessing of Palms. After blessing of Holy Palms there was procession through the Church Hall, and everyone participated. The celebration was amazing with huge number of participants. The service came to an end with socialization and coffee by 9 PM.

Maundy Thursday

On Thursday, April 6, Parish priest Fr. Daris lead the Holy Mass and the ceremony of “Washing of the Feet” which symbolizes Jesus washing the feet of the 12 Apostles. Also, to commemorate the Last Supper Jesus shared with the Apostles, all parishioners were to bring Pesaha Appam and Pal. The priest blessed and shared the Pesaha appam and pal with everyone in the parish.

Good Friday

Good Friday celebrations were held from 10 am- 3 pm, during the ceremony we held Panavayana and the Way of the Cross to commemorate the events leading up to the death of Jesus. Also, after the way of the cross, all people attending the service had to taste Kayppu Neer to honor the pain and suffering of Jesus. The service ended with a small meal of Kanji, payar and achar.

Holy Saturday

On Saturday, April 8, there was Holy mass. Along with the Mass we renewed our Baptismal Promise. We also blessed the Holy Water and Candles.

Easter Vigil

The Midnight Mass took place at 10 pm and we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus Christ. Parishioners had a chance to receive blessings from Jesus. After the ceremony there was a period of socialization which we ended with cake and tea.

Easter Sunday

The Easter Sunday Mass was celebrated by Fr. Oliver and Fr. Daris, and we celebrated Jesus’ rising. This ceremony ended with a time for socialization and snacks were also provided for parishioners.

Catechism Department Updates

On April 5th 2023, Catechism Department had conducted a staff meeting. Fr.Daris(Parish priest), Dhanya James(Principal) and other teachers were present for the meeting. The meeting began with the prayer by Fr.Daris.

We discussed the following points in our meeting;

1. Second term exam will be on May 28th. Teachers should complete 9 – 15 chapters and general questions. The exam answer sheets and marks can be distributed on the following week.

2. We have decided to conduct the Faith Fest on June 4th Sunday at 1 pm followed by the Holy Mass. We have decided to conduct the program as follows.

• Each class needs to do a presentation based on their class wise text book (example; skit, story, mime etc.). Maximum time limit 5 minutes for each class.

• Competition will be conducted on the basis of the following categories;

 KG - Jesus Kids - Coloring

 1 – 4 - Holy Childhood - Story telling

 5 – 8 - CML - Bible Quiz

 9 and above - Junior SMYM - Bible Quiz

3. Catechism annual day celebration was decided to be held on June 25. We have decided to encourage the participation of children in different programs. The following prizes will be distributed during the annual day; Class topper prize, full attendance prize for students and teachers, the prizes for faith fest competitions winners and participants.

4. The meeting also emphasized the importance of teaching the basic prayers in the classes (Our father, hail Mary, etc.)

The meeting ended with the prayer and blessing by Fr.Daris.

Nurses Ministry Updates

On April 2 Regina nurses ministry lead weekly Zoom prayer meeting.Starting from 2 nd April until 10th April,2 nd April Monday regina nurses ministry lead holy Rosary and word of god by Fr. Oliver.Regina nurses ministry lead way of cross at 3 pm on holy week .

On April 7 -10 nurses ministry conducted THE HARVEST OF MERCY continues chaplet of divine mercy all over the world. Canada nurse’s ministry selected the time slot from 9 th April 5.30 pm to 10 th April 5.30 am. Regina nurses ministry selected on 10 th April 1.30 am-2.30 am time slot. Most of the nurse’s ministry members were participated.13 th April we conducted a chain rosary for world peace.

Parish Council Updates

Annual Retreat/ Lent Retreat

A lent retreat was conducted and Fr Joel Joseph had led the retreat. It marked active participation and the families actively participated. The retreat was conducted from 17 to 19 of March 2023, the special arrangements were done for confession adorations during the retreat days.

Holy Week Celebrations

The Parish marked active participation from the families during the week, the Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday the hall was filled with the people and families brought bread to serve after the services and the milk was prepared at the church by the members on Maundy Thursday. On Good Friday after the regular services the Way of the Cross was conducted, and special offerings were served- Kanji and Payar. The Holy Saturday was celebrated with Holy Mass and blessing of water and candle. The easter day was celebrated on Saturday night with special prayer services adoration and mass.

Annual General Body

The Annual General Body meeting was conducted on 23rd April 2023.

There was a huge participation from all the church members.

In this meeting the Trustees presented the Annual Report as well as the financial statement for 2022.

Fr.Daris Cherian explained the plan and actions to improvise the financial situation of the Church, such as house visit and adding more members to the PAD system.

The General Body also selected a new Trustee for 2023, and thanked the outgoing trustee for his contributions.

The General Body also thanked the accountant for his excellent job

The meeting concluded with prayer.

Holy Mass at Moosjaw Mission

Feast of St. George was celebrated at St. Mary's Mission Moosjaw, on Monday 24th. The Syro-Malabar community at Moosjaw mission gathered together to celebrate the feast of St. George. We had confession at 6 PM followed by Holy Mass. We greated Rev. Fr. George Thattupurambil who cerebrated his feast day and we had snacks and refreshments after the Holy Mass.

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