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News Letter May 2022

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Greetings and Easter Wishes from Regina Parish!

Lent is an opportunity to self-reflect ,pray and take note of how we challenge ourselves to change our actions and thinking for the benefit of all .Through act of kindness we bring our faith to life. God Bless.

Large group of Parishioner's celebrated the Holy Week Programs and Ceremony religiously with high spirit

Chrism Mass

Fr. Daris Cherian participated the Chrism Mass Homily on April 4th, 2022, led by His Excellency Archbishop Donald J. Bolen and con-celebrated by priests from all parts of Archdiocese.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was celebrated with Solemn High Mass and people received the blessed palms. Parish full of peoples attended the Solemn High Mass and followed by “ Possession with Blessed Palms in their hand “ to hail “ Hosana” to the King of King Jesus Christ

Lenten Retreat

St. John Paul II -Parish Conducted a Lenten retreat during lent season April 11,12,13 most of the parishioner's attended the retreat, Adoration and stayed blessed to receive risen lord

Maundy Thursday

Parish Priest Fr. Daris Cherian led the Maundy Thursday Ceremony by Washing of the feet and families prepared special “Pesaha appam and Pal” and shared among parishioners to commemorate special tradition to mark the Last Supper

Good Friday

Good Friday “ Thirukarmangal” was celebrated in parish in the morning till afternoon with way of the cross and after the ceremony , parishioners had the chance to taste the “ Kayppu Neer” followed by Nercha “ Kanji & Payar”

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday celebrated at the church by blessing Water and Fire. Parishioners had the chance to collect the blessed water .

Easter Vigil Mass and Easter Sunday Celebrations

Parish Easter Celebrations ,Arise & Shine Cultural Evening .

Long Coveted parish celebration were conducted in true spirit and participation from parishners also there was wholehearted support from Regina Malayalee Association. St.Johnpaul II parish’s various department conducted variety programs , and it was really mesmerizing moment for all of us , hats off to coordinators , trustees and council members for conducting such a beautiful event especially in the midst of this Covid-19 pandemic

St John Paul II Knights of Columbus Council # 17190

The Council was presented with two awards: Activity Program Award 2021-

22 Membership for highest growth in membership and Overall State

Programme Award for the fraternal year 2021-22 during the 100 th

Saskatchewan State Convention held in Saskatoon on April 24, 2022. Past

Grand Knight received the awards from the State Deputy on our behalf.

Knights took the leading role in various church services during holy week

from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Many knights attended holy week

Retreat held from April 11 th to 13 th with their families. New officers will be

elected on Council’s next meeting scheduled on Sunday, May 1 st 2022.

Nurses Ministry

On April 4 th, Nurses Ministry held “Sampoorna Bible reading” from April 4, 2022, to April 8,2022.All regions in Canada was participated. Regina region got time slot on 7 th April from 3 am - 9 am.10 Nurses Ministry members were come forward and successfully completed bible reading.

On April 13 th, Nurses Ministry held a chain Rosary for whole world peace, most of the Nurses Ministry members attended the chain rosary.

Nurses Ministry held “The Harvest Of Mercy Continuous Chaplet Of Devine Mercy “Zoom prayer from April 15 th 3 pm to April 24 th 7 pm. Canada Nurses Ministry lead the Devine Mercy on 22 nd April 2.30 pm to 23 rd April 2.30 am. Regina Nurses Ministry got time slot for Devine Mercy prayer in 23 rd April 12.30 am -2.30 am. A successful participation was there for the Devine Mercy Prayer and St. Faustina’s Diary reading

Catechism Department

Staff meeting was held by the end of March via google meet with the presence of Fr Daris. We discussed about Easter programs, Year ending Exam and the importance of finishing chapters and assessments.

Discussion on arranging in person classes also came up, but majority prefers online classes. We plan that for next year as we have two months left to end this school year.

Catechists attended Online Lent Retreat organized by Department of Catechesis and PAC Mississauga via online on April 09,2022. Catechism department encouraged teachers to share students about the

importance of doing small sacrifices during Lent.

Our Parish Easter celebration was conducted on April 24. Catechism students participated in different spiritual and cultural programs.


An executive committee meeting was held virtually to discuss about forth coming activities, especially the Easter Night Food Fest. The committee has decided to conduct the food fest and the members would be asked to bring the food items prepared and the same would be sold out through our counter. The menu items were finalized in the meeting and the same was shared with the members.

A general body meeting was conducted by Rev.Fr Daris Cherian, after the Holy Mass and new representatives and change of positions were finalized, considering the availabilities. The new positions;

President : Soniya Joseph

Vice President : Jaisy Bestin

Secretary : Jeena M John

Joint Secretary : Preethi Majesh

Treasurer : Tiny George

Councillor : Neethu Jose Kocheri

Also, Rev. father requested active participation of all members for the events and the meeting was dispersed by the blessings of the father.


The food fest was conducted on 17th April 2022 after the Easter Mass, variety of food items were contributed by our members and the same were sold at our counter. The Food fest got a massive response, and we could raise an amount of 550 CAD.


An executive committee meeting was held virtually to discuss about the Ice Cream Sale on Parish Day. The meeting was blessed with the presence of Fr Daris Cherian, and various options were discussed and the committee has finalized to conduct the Ice cream sale also decided to include optional items such as Fruit Salad and Carrot Halwa. Mr Biju, parish council member agreed to help in the preparation of Carrot halwa. And father also requested the support of Mathruvedi members for stage decoration on the Parish Day.


The Mathruvedi members were actively involved in the stage decorations and all the arrangements of the Parish Day celebrations and also helped in the coordination of various cultural programmes in association with other departments.

The Ice Cream sale was conducted on parish day 24th April 2022 after the Holy Mass. The sale got a good response, and the event was great success with the active participation of parish members and the guests of the event and we could raise an amount of 171 CAD.

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