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Newsletter October 2023


Catechism classes registrations for 2023 - 2024 are completed. This year we have 88 students and 27 teachers. The classes are going well by the grace of God. Parish’s Annual retreat was conducted on October 13, 14 & 15. Majority of students and their parents were attended the retreat. Many of our newly joined teachers were attended the New Catechist’s Orientation Seminar. To encourage all the children to celebrate Holyween instead of Halloween, a Saints’ Parade Contest will be conducted on October 29th Sunday evening.


On October 13th Nurses Ministry held a chain rosary, in all regions for the world peace. On October 13th Canada’s Nurses Ministry held a coordinator’s meeting with our Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil and our spiritual director, Reverent Father Daris Cherian. The main agenda for this meeting, was for the Nurses Ministry election for all regions, those who have completed their term.

Parish Feast October 22,2023.

Feast of our Parish Patron St. Johnpaul II was celebrated solemnly on October 22 by Parishioners. On the feast day of St. John Paul II, we had solemn Holy Rosary at 5:30, followed by Holy Mass. we had Ladeeju and Nearcha thereafter. Church was fully packed with parishioners, and everyone had a blessed and wonderful celebrations. Though we had our official Parish feast celebration in May we also celebrated the feast as usual in October as well. Fr. Daris Cherian, Parish Vicar celebrated Holy Mass and other prayer services.

Semi Annual General Body Meeting on October 8, 2023.

Meeting was conducted at the church soon after the holy mass under the presidentship of Fr. Daris Cherian. Nearly 100 parishioners attended the meeting. Attendance was taken. Semi Annual report was presented by trustee Joy George and validated by parishioners. Financial report was presented by accountant James and was approved by the attendees. Fr Daris explained the current state of our parish and the need for support from all the parishioners.

Decided to conduct Christmas celebration on Dec 25/23 at the church hall.

Overall, the meeting was very productive and received good support from the parishioners for the future programs and plans.

The meeting was concluded by Fr. Daris Cherian with prayer and blessings.

Annual Marian Retreat -October 2023

Annual Retreat of our Parish was conducted on October 13 to 15th Rev. Fr. Binoj Mulavarickal preached the retreat. This was a Marian Retreat and people were so happy to attend it after a long waiting. Retreat started on Friday 5 PM with Rosary and followed by Holy Mass, talk and Adoration. On Saturday and Sunday retreat was from 2 PM to 8 PM. A good number of parishioners attended the retreat all three days and we had people from neighbouring parishes as well. This retreat was very blessed and anointed one and people all had a wonderful experience and unanimous opinion.

Knights of Columbus Council # 17190 Updates

St John Paul II Knights of Columbus Council # 17190, October 2023

K of C monthly Council meeting was held on Sunday, September 24th after the holy Mass.

Mr.Sam Thomas who joined our council few months back, participated in the 3rd degree exemplification at Holy Trinity.

New members Mr.Jixen Joy joined our council on September 11th.

Our council won the Champnions of Champnion award at the state convention held in Saskatoon.

Our WPGK Agnel George, received the "Father McGivney Award" from State Deputy Larry Packet o behalf of GK Joy George and Deputy GK Bestin Kurian.

October Month of Holy Rosary.

We celebrated the month of October as specially dedicated to Mother Mary. We had family unit prayer meetings in three family units, and we had solemnly celebrated Rosary in Each family units.

Holy Family Unit Prayer Meeting

St. John Paul II Unit Prayer Meeting

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