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Newsletter November 2023

Catechism Department Updates

The catechism department and the Pious Association jointly hosted Holyween celebration. The Church Saints Parade was held on Oct 29th, and the day started with the Holy Mass at 4:30 led by Fr. Daris. At the end of the mass, all Saints parade participants had time to prepare and get ready while the church took part in praying the rosary. The Saints had to prepare a small presentation based on their grade category, Jesus Kids (6 MONTHS – KG), Holy Childhood (GRADE 1 - 3), SML (GRADE 4 - 8) SMYM (GRADE 8-1), They were graded on their appearance, presentation, and content. The judges were Fr. Prince and Fr. Oliver. The winners from the Jesus Kids category were Angelina Tony, Domenic Savio, 2nd was Nehal Tijesh, David Jose Paul. 3rd price was given to Izza Paul. The 1st place winners for the Holy Childhood category were Ruth Majesh, 2nd place to Nathanie Tijesh, and 3rd place was to Johan James. CML's 1st place was given to Jennifer Tomy, 2nd place to Aveyah Jixen, and third place to Ethan Thomas. First place for the SMYM category was Noelina Bestin, 2nd place for Nesna Bestin, and 3rd place for Jesse James. All families brought candies and chocolate for the kids and all kids received candy for their participation. It was a wonderful night filled with good spiritual learning. The winners of different categories are.

More Pictures follow this link

Nurses Ministry Updates

On November 13 nurse's ministry held a chain rosary for all regions dedicated to world peace. On the same day Regina nurse's ministry lead the weakly prayer meet at 7:30pm. The meeting started with the holy rosary followed by word of God by Father Tommy Mandapathil, most members of nurse's ministry participated in the meeting. From November 14th to November 20th Regina nurse's ministry lead the 3pm prayers. The main intention for the weekly prayer was for the Eparchial Assembly, retreat for the priest and the priestly ordination.

Knights of Columbus Council # 17190 Updates


St. John Paul II Knights of Columbus Council #17190, November 2023

The K of C monthly Council meeting was held on Sunday, November 19th, following the Holy Mass. The meeting covered the following points:

1.Council members Tijesh Mani, Arun Abraham, Sony Peter, GK Joy George, and DGK Bestin Kurian will reach out to all members with pending membership fees for payment.

2.Council members agreed to participate in the Kettles program on December 9th.

3.The Council discussed conducting the "Keep Christ in Christmas" program among the catechism children.

4.The Council plans to conduct a garage sale in December or January (Date to be Determined).

5.The Knights will organize a Christmas celebration on December 25th.

6.This year, due to insufficient funds, it was decided not to order coats for kids.

7.All 4th-degree Knights are invited to the Christmas dinner at St. Basil on Thursday, December 7th.


Holy Mass at Moosjaw Mission

St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar mission celebration Holy Mass at Moose jaw on 12th November. Fr. Tomy Mandapathil MST celebrated the Solemn Holy Mass. around 50 people participated. They had a wonderful socialization with parishioners after Holy Mass. our next Holy Mass will be held on December 3rd Sunday.

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