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News Letter October & November 2022


The Parish General Body meeting was conducted on, 09th October, 2022, at Church. The Meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Fr. Daris Cherian, after the Holy Mass around 100 parishioners participated in the meeting

Rev. Fr Daris started the Meeting with an Opening Prayer and Mr. George Joy welcomed all to the Meeting. Mr. Arun Abraham presented the April - September2022 Semi Annual Report of the St. John Paul II. The parish members carried. Augstine Joy has submitted the Annual Financial statement of the church and explained income and expense sheet. The parish member carried.

General Discussion:

Rev. Fr. Daris Cherian suggested that a certain amount to be moved / set apart to a building fund. General body has approved an amount up to 10000 can be set apart and entrusted the council to check the feasibility and viabilities of buying a house or building for the purpose and present to the GB. General body has discussed about the parish feast to be conducted 21-23 October. Father Daris mentioned about PAD system and House visits.

Meeting Concluded with thanks by Mr. Sony Peter. The Meeting ended with a prayer by Fr. Daris Cherian.


Catechism classes registrations are completed. This year we have 57 students and 22 teachers. The classes are going well by the grace of God. Parish feast was celebrated on October 21, 22 & 23. Prior to the parish feast English Holy mass and choir practice was given to the children of classes 3 and above. On the first day of Parish feast (October 21st) ) English Holy Mass was celebrated for children. Catechism students and teachers participated on the ‘kazhchavappu’ on the parish feast day.



An executive committee meeting was held virtually to discuss about forth coming activities, especially the parish feast day Food Fest. The committee has decided to conduct the food fest and the members would be asked to bring the food items prepared and the same would be sold out through our counter. The menu items were finalized in the meeting and the same was shared with the members.


The food fest was conducted on 22nd October 2022 as a fund-raising event for the parish, the members actively participated, and variety of food items were contributed and the same were sold at our counter. The event was a grant success and received good response and we could raise an amount of 1240 CAD.


On 5thh October nurses ministry held a Co- Ordinator’s zoom meeting, The main agenda is to do farewell for nurses ministry animator Sr. Celin Rose, Fr . Pathrose and Fr Daris addressed the meeting. All nurse ministry region made a spiritual bouquet for sr. Celin Rose as she is returning to India. In that meeting they introduced new animator Sr. Maria Josy

On October 13th the nurse’s ministry held a chain rosary for world peace, most for the nurse’s ministry members participated in that

On October 31st Nurses ministry was decided to do chain rosary for holyween celebration from 8.30 am to 3 pm. Regina nurses ministry is combining with Mississauga and took slot from 2.30 pm-3.00 pm.


We invited the Chaplains, 4th Degree Knights and Grand Knights for our parish feast.

They accepted our invitation. For our Parish Feast, Worthy State Deputy Larry Packet, State Officers, and Worthy Faithful Navigator of the Assembly participated in the celebration.

They were all pleased to see so many children and people participating in the Holy Qurbana. As part of Annual Charity Appeal, we collected $400 form the tickets sale.


First Day of the Parish Feast

On the 21 st of October we held Holy Rosary, then Holy Mass in English, led by Fr. Daris. The

Junior choir took part in singing the hymns of the Mass. After Mass we also had Novena. The

Mass was a great start to the Parish Feast.

Second Day of the Parish Feast

On Saturday, October 22 nd we held Rosary and Mass. The Mass was led by Fr. Oliver and Fr.

Daris. During Mass, we celebrated and prayed for all the presudenti. The presudentees were

given crowns and candles to do Presudenti Vazhcha. We Thank everyone that participated and

donated. After Mass, there was a Food Sale led by the Madhruvedi. There were many snacks

and meals made by them. All sales were made to be donated to the Church.

Third Day of the Parish Feast

On Sunday October 23 rd we invited Bishop Jose Kalluvelil to join and lead the Holy Mass. The

Holy mass was led by Bishop Jose Kalluvelil, Fr. Oliver and Fr. Daris. The Knights of Columbus

were also invited to this special occasion. After the Holy Qurbana, there was Procession in the

Parish Hall. Parishioners had the opportunity to do nercha and kezhunnu after the Mass. Lastly

there was a great meal provided by the Church to end the great Parish Feast.


Mar Jose Kalluvelil had spent four days in the parish and visited the families and evaluated the activities of the parish council and other departments. He appreciated the activities of every department and had given suggestions to improve the activities and effectiveness.


we conducted Holly ween on 30th October – Sunday, the day celebrated as All Saints Day. Special activities conducted by Catechism Department, like Saints Parade. The children were dressed up like saints and they introduce the saints to the audience. The prices were awarded for winners in four categories

Winners of Saints Parade:


SMYM members held a meeting after the Holy Mass. We discussed the upcoming World Youth Day trip to Portugal; we were strongly encouraged to join this wonderful trip. The meeting ended with a Prayer to strengthen and help the youth. Finally, there was socialization time, where we gathered and interacted with other youths in our community. There was also food and refreshments for all the youth that attended the gathering. Overall, the meeting was very successful, and we discussed upcoming events and spoke to many other in our SMYM group.

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