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News Letter - November 2020

Prayerful greetings from-St. John Paul II Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Regina-SK

Syro-Malabar English Mass & New Junior Choir:

First English Mass for the Catechism students was held on October 4th. The newly formed junior choir had practiced very well, and it was a beautiful presentation which was very well appreciated by the parents and other parishioners. As per the interest of the parents and students, we have decided to have the Syro-Malabar Mass in English on first Sunday of every month.

Parish Junior Choir Members

Feast Celebrations:

Feast of St. Little Theresa of Child Jesus was respectfully celebrated on October 1st and the feast of St. Francis Assisi was also celebrated devotedly on October 4th. Special Holy Mass and prayers were done for the parishioners who bears the names of these saints.

Parish Feast/ Idavaka Thirunnal:

Feast of our Parish Patron St. John Paul II was fervently celebrated on October 11th. Thirunnal Kodiyett was done on October 9th at 6:00 pm after the Holy Rosary followed by Holy Mass by Parish Priest.

On Saturday, October 10th, the Holy Mass was celebrated at 9:00 am and 5:00pm. Presudenti Vazhcha was done during the Mass. We had 270 Presudentis from inside and outside the Parish. Very proud and happy to say that this is a historical record. We thank all the Presudentis and their contributions. On Sunday, we had a special Holy Mass by Fr. Daris Cherian. Holy Rosary was recited at 4:30 Pm followed by Thirunnal Pattukurbana by Rev. Fr George Thattuparambil MST. We had the Novena, procession and ladeenju after Holy Mass. Parishioners had the opportunity to do adima, kazhunnu and other nerchas after each Holy Mass. Maximum number of people attended the Festal celebrations and all procedures were done strictly abiding the rules and protocols by the City. We appreciate the enthusiasm and effort of our Parish community to make this happen even at this panic time of COVID-19.

Parish Feast Presudhenthi's 2020
Thirunal Prethikshanam 2020
Thirunal Prethikshanam 2020

Parish General Body Meeting:

Parish General Body Meeting was conducted on October 18th after 5:00 pm Holy Mass. Maximum Hall capacity was observed in the meeting. Report and accounts were presented and accepted. Very active and creative discussions led to positive decisions in the meeting. Upcoming events and activities to enrich the spiritual and social growth of the church community were discussed. Heartfelt thanks to the parishioners and coordinators.

Official Inauguration of Pious Association:

Though we had already introduced the Pious Association in our Parish, the official inauguration of Pious Association was done on October 18th after the Holy Mass. This was done in compliance with the Director of Pious Association of Eparchy of Mississuaga requirements. Good number of students have already enrolled in the three categories- Jesus Kids, Holy Childhood and CML. Elected representatives of each group and the Parish Priest lighted the candles in presence of the Animator, Theresy T Chirayath and the Parish community.

Launching of Reworked Parish Website:

An updated and elaborated version of our Parish Website was launched by Parish vicar on October 18th after the Holy Mass. This website was designed by Mr. Bestin Kurian, who has done a fantastic job of incorporating all the necessary information and registration forms. Mass schedules, registration guidelines, Upcoming events, forms and all necessary tools can be accessed at the website. Really appreciate the hard work and dedication of Bestin Kurian. For more details visit:

Holy Rosary Month:

Feast of St. John Paul II was on October 22nd and our Parish started the last ten days celebration of the Rosary month on this day. Holy Rosary is recited at 6.00 pm everyday, and thereafter Holy Mass. Rosary recital is led by church groups like the family units, Pious associations, SMYM, Jesus Youth, Mathruvedi etc. Rosary and family unit meetings are conducted through the zoom meetings as well. On October 31st, we will have auspicious celebration to end the Rosary Month along with Solemn Holy Mass and Saint Parade (Hollyween).

Catechism Department:

A meeting for the Catechism teachers were conducted on October 23rd. Discussions and decisions were made in Catechism registration and associating the activities of Catechism Department and Pious Association. Catechism Department is very proudly and professionally running in our Parish. Thankfully acknowledge their role in the faith formation of our kids.

New Parish Council and Trustees:

New Parish Council Members of 2020 – 2022 held their first Parish Council meeting on October 24th and elected the new Parish trustees. Newly elected Parish Trustees (kaikkarans) and council members took their pledge on October 25th. Fr. Daris extended his support and well wishes to the newly appointed Council and Trustees. He also thanked and remembered all the sincere contributions and efforts of previous Council members and Trustees.

New Parish Council Members 2020-2022

New Parish Trustees 2020-2022

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