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News Letter March 2022


Ash Monday was celebrated with Solemn High Mass and people received the ash crosses on their foreheads. Large community gathered for the ceremony and confession sessions were arranged in preparation of 50 days fasting.


WE are happy to receive a rectory from Archdiocese of Regina for free of cost to use. FR. Daris was doing his service to the Archdiocese of Regina past one year. The ministry to the Archdiocese and personal meetings by FR. Daris with the Archbishop Don and the constant correspondence with our Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil has helped to achieve this fruitful collaboration with Archdiocese of Regina. FR. Daris would be continuing his ministry in the Archdiocese at Holy Trinity parish, Regina by offering the Holy Mass at every Tuesday and other services. We thank everyone who have helped to achieve this favour. Rev. Fr. George Thattupurambil Blessed the new rectory on March 01, 2022. Parishioners joined after the Holy Mass to see the rectory.


Catechism Department successfully completed First Term exam by the end of January and some classes completed it on first week of February 2022. Exams are conducted through online. Exam guidelines are shared to teachers and parents via online platform. Teachers were able to share Students marks and grades with the family by the end of February.

Across the globe, we are watching news’s about war between Russia and Ukraine. It is very painful to witness the struggles of Ukraine people. When experiencing and hearing of a crisis, we all, children and adults alike, are faced with the uncertainty of what happens next and the fear of how this will affect us and those closest to us.

As part of supporting our Ukraine community, Catechism department made charts and posters and placed Infront of the church. Fr.Daris indurated it by adding prayerful message and after Fr.Daris conducted a pray for all persons suffering from war, to end the war and to obtain peace to Ukraine.


On March 25th Holy Father Pope Francis Consecrated Ukraine and Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mother Mary. We the St. John Paul II Syro-Malabar community gathered on March 7Th Sunday after Holy Mass to express our prayers and support to the Ukrainian community in Regina. We are obliged to stand with this community because we are using their church and all the facilities past few years. The Ukrainian community was in despair and pain due to the war and their parents, relatives and beloved ones are in war field. Our prayers and support comforted them very much. Our students wrote consoling and supporting word on the chart papers and posted it on their notice board. Our community prayed under the leadership of Fr. Daris the parish Priest on that day and offered our continued support and prayers. They were very happy to see the writings and supporting words from our community.


A general body meeting was conducted by Fr Daris Cherian, Vicar. A report on previous year was presented in the meeting and account was detailed and approved. Reverent Father has appreciated the committee and members for their renowned activities and leadership also he encouraged all members to come forward with their contribution and commitment towards the church as always. In continuance Father has requested all members to suggest for new leadership to form new committee and the members put forward few names and the following committee was formed unanimously; President : Jeena M John Secretary : Preethi Majesh Treasurer : Tiny George Councilors : Jaisy Bestin Neethu Jose Kochery The General Body has tentatively approved this committee and has suggested to expand the same in next meeting with more representation and would discus about future activities. All members were asked to bring about novel ideas for future activities in next meeting. The meeting was dispersed with the blessing by Reverent Father.

FUTURE PLANS: Some suggestions were put forward by the members as forth coming activities; 1. Easter Celebration 2. Food Festival


St John Paul II Knights of Columbus Council # 17190 March 2022.The Council held its monthly meeting for March on Sunday, March 20,2022. The meeting was called to order by WGK Bro Mathew and Fr. Daris,Worthy Chaplain in his prayer invoked Divine blessings and intercession of the Blessed Virgin for the success of our fraternal programs. Winter coats were distributed to eligible children on Sunday, March 20 th after the Holy Mass so they stay protected and healthy in this harsh Saskatchewan winter. My Gen 2022 on March 26 th , State convention in Saskatoon from April 22 nd to 24 th , St. Joseph’s Prayer-10682 Pilgrim Icon Program from May 11th To 15th are some of the upcoming programs the Council is looking forward to as the COVID restrictions are slowly removed. One new member joined the order this month and is in the process of becoming first degree brother knights.


Attended Eparchy level meeting of animators on Feb 12, it was a very informative session with Fr Augustine and Dr Tibu about Synodality and how important it is to walk together as a group, followed by Bishop's message and open discussion. On Feb 13, HCA and CML students joined classes to learn about faith and heroes of faith from Bible.


On Feb. 13th, The Nurses Ministry held a chain rosary for Kaitylin, She is a seven year old girl diagnosed with leukemia, we prayed for her recovery. Most of the nurses ministry members attended the chain rosary. On Mar. 13, The Nurses Ministry held another chain rosary. This time it was held for the war in Ukraine and for world peace.


Pothuyogam of our parish was held on March 27th Sunday as it was previously announced. After the Sunday Holy Mass with the prayers we stared the pothuyogam of 2022. Most of the parishoners joined for the meeting. FR. Daris Cherian invited everyone for the meeting and Arun Abraham the prime trustee presented the report of 2021 and 2022. Annual account was presented by the accountant Augustine Joy and the general body unanimously approved both accounts and reports and passed it.

General discussion was conducted and the members proposed the future plans for the developments of parish. The meeting was adjourned by the thanks by one of the trusties Nithin Jose Paul and a final Blessing by Vicar.

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