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News Letter June 2023

Parish Council Meeting Updates.

The community celebrated the Father’s Day in connection with the international Father’s Day. Special prayer and recognition to all fathers were conducted, a small token of love was gifted to all by Mathruvedhi and snacks were distributed after the Service.

Catechism Departments Updates

The catechism classes went well in our Parish. On May 28th we were able to conduct the second term exam smoothly. The exam results were given on the following week. We conducted the Faith Fest on June 4th. On this day all classes did a presentation based on their textbook. Children also participated in competitions based on the following categories.

KG - Coloring

Winners – Daniella Vinu & Luke Anurag

1 – 4 - Story telling

Winners – Godwin, Rachel, Leann, Annmary & Deona

5 – 8 - Bible Quiz

Winners – Rose, Jennifer, Nesna Susan & Nevina

9 and above - Bible Quiz

Winners – Neal Maria & Noelina Elizebath

Catechism Examination

Faith Fest

Nurses Ministry Updates.

On June 13th we held a Nurses Ministry Leaders meeting at 8:30 pm. Most of the region leaders attend the meeting and discussed about the nurse’s ministry bank account. Nurses ministry’s director Fr.Pathrose has completed his term and Fr. Daris is appointed as the new director. On June 13th chain rosary

was conducted in our region. From July 3rd to July 22nd Nurses Ministry international team members are conducting training sessions for all Nurses Ministry Members about the duties and responsibility of each member.

Mathruvedi Monthly Report

Father's Day Celebration

As a part of Mathruvedi activities, Father’s Day celebration was conducted at the church after the holy mass on Sundy June 17. Father’s Day message was delivered by Rev Fr Oliver Inchody CMI and did a special prayer and blessing for all the fathers in the parish and had surprise gifts by Mathruvedi to all fathers in the church. The Mathruvedhi members had prepared and distributed special snacks to all members in the church in connection with Father’s Day celebration.


Exemplification ceremony of 4th Degree Members

Parish Fiest

Preparation for Parish Feast Dinner

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