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News Letter July 2022

Greetings and Prayers from our Regina Parish!

St. Thomas Feast Day Celebrations

On July 3rd we had a grand celebration for the 1950 Jubilee of the martyrdom of St. Thomas the Apostle. We invited Fr. Tomy Mandapathil and Fr. Thomas Mutavanatu to our church celebration and we also celebrated their feast day. We held a solemn mass, litany, procession and nercha(pachoru). After Holy Mass we held a cake cutting and celebrated the feast. We also gifted two bouquets of flowers to Fr. Tomy Mandapathil and Fr. Thomas Mutavanatu. All members of the church dressed in traditional Kerala clothing for the unity and upholding of our tradition. There were also 84 presudenties for the great feast.

Parish Camping

To celebrate summer, our parish went group camping with five families to Cypress Hills from July 8th – 10th.

Nurses Ministry

Nurses' ministry members conducted a 24-hour Chain rosery on July 13th Rosa Mistica Mary Feast Day. On July 18th, the Nurses Ministry coordinators as well as intercession members conducted a meeting after prayer to discuss the preparation that is needed to make the greet call on August 25th.

MATHRUVEDI As part of St. Thomas Day celebration Mathruvedhi has coordinated the procession after the holy mass. The parish members were asked to wear Kerala traditional costume to represent the unity and spirit. As part of the celebration ‘Pachore” was distributed after the mass to all parish members. An executive committee was conducted on 16th July and discussed about Parish Picnic on August 6th. The committee has decided to conduct varieties of games and activities for all age groups as part of picnic.

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