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News Letter - February 2021

Prayers and Greetings from St. John Paul II Syro-Malabar Catholic Church,



Monthly meeting for the February was conducted on the 17th. The meeting started

with an opening prayer by Fr. Daris. After the prayer, the team discussed about the

Oath taking ceremony for the coordinators and decided to conduct it on Sunday,

February 28th. SMYM members discussed and shared ideas about conducting

different programs for the church community during the Lenten season and for

Easter. Fr. Daris expressed his eagerness to offer one Holy Mass specifically for

the youth on Easter Sunday, adhering all the guidelines of COVID -19 restrictions.

Father had received a donation of some new clothes and blankets which can be

distributed to those who are in need. The group discussed the possibilities of

finding different locations to donate by the end of February. The meeting was

adjourned with a closing prayer by Fr. Daris.


The monthly Pious Associations meeting at St. John Paul II parish was held on

Saturday, Feb.20th. The leaders had put great effort into making the virtual

sessions lively and enjoyable for the kids. The meeting commenced with an

opening prayer. The main topics were on the life of Kunjettan and the virtue of

hospitality. Additionally, there was a presentation prepared by our team on Lent.

Children were able to discuss and discover various approaches to observe Lent.

The meeting was made more fun with the inclusion of story time and action songs.

At the end of the session, our leaders conducted a fun quiz to revise what they have


Nurses Ministry

St. John Paul II Syro-Malabar Parish’s Nurses Ministry conducted the first meeting with blessings of His Excellency Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil and Nurses Ministry Director Rev.Fr. Pathrose Chembakkara, Animator Sr.Celin on January 30th, 2021 at 7:00 Pm Via Zoom. Western Region Nurses Ministry Director Rev. Fr. Plogen Kannampuzha, Parish Priest Rev.Fr.Daris Cherian, National Coordinator Elsy ,and other 20 members were present in the meeting. Rev.Fr.Plogen and Mrs.Elsy explained the need and formation of ministry to strengthen our community

Later we elected the Nurses Ministry coordinators and other members for our parish Chapter

The Elected Members are as follows

1. Coordinator : Jaisy Bestin

2. Asst: Coordinator : Anu Mathew

3. Intercession Ministry : Danny Rajeev

: Jayarani Bijo

4. Welcome Ministry : Deena Stephan

: Aneesha

5. Media Ministry : Shinta Ditto

: Geethu Joy

6. Outreach Ministry : Jeethu

:Silvi Tomy

7. Music Ministry :Divya Nithin

:Emy Jeemon

Nurses Ministry Monthly Activities:

In the Leadership of National Nurses Ministry , we participated a Bible reading spiritual activity from Feb 5th 2021 to Feb 9th 2021. Regina Parish members were also presented in the allocated time slots during the program.On February 13th Saturday Regina Parish Nurses Ministry Members conducted a intercessory prayer to our mother Mary by organizing chain Rosary, Merciful rosary and recited Psalm 91


Mid-term exam and evaluation are now complete for all classes.

There was a Teachers meeting for grade 9 and up and a Principals meeting to

discuss the centralized mode of examination for the finals and this meeting was

attended by our teachers/principal. Planning is in progress for the Easter programs

for our students.


The Parish Council meeting was on January 2021 via zoom in the presence of Rev.

Fr. Daris Cherian. The meeting started at 7:30 pm; it was to discuss the church

inventory, updates of CMT, Catechism, and SMYM. Also, evaluated the Christmas

and New Year programs. Furthermore, the council discussed the parish Accounts

and further actions to elaborate the income of the church. The Parish priest also

informed the starting of the Nursing Ministry. The council also discussed the Lent

season activities and additional Holy masses on Sundays. The meeting ended with

a prayer at 9 pm.


Ash Monday Service

Ash Monday service was celebrated on Feb.15th with solemn Holy Mass at 6:00

pm, followed by The Way of Cross. The ash was blessed and distributed in the

church. Maximum number of church capacity was observed and the mass was also

telecast-ed online. The priest reminded everyone of the importance of observing

Lent, abstaining from eating meat and other tempting activities, He urged

parishioners to attend Holy Mass every day if possible and do the confession to

prepare well for a blessed Easter. The importance of forgiveness and sharing your

blessings and wealth with the needy people was reflected in the homily. To give an

opportunity to all the parishioners to attend the mass and do confession, the Vicar

suggested that two families can register for the daily evening mass at 6:00 pm and

do confession. They can offer mass with their special intentions. This gives all

families a chance to prepare spiritually for the Lent and Easter and the vicar keep

connected with the parishioners at this time of pandemic. In order to accommodate

more people on Sunday, there are two masses now at 5:00 pm and 6:45 pm

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