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News Letter - December 2020

Prayerful Greetings from Regina Parish! Merry Christmas! May the baby Jesus bless you and your loved ones!


Pious associations and the catechism department jointly conducted Saints' Parade contest on October 31 to encourage kids to celebrate Holyween. It was arranged in three categories – Jesus Kids, HCA, and CML, with 23 participants. Judges were set from outside the parish for impartial judgement. It was an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about their favorite saints. Winners from the respective categories were Nhean Kannapilly, Philip Ditto, Elaine Joseph, Jennifer Tomy, Volodymyr, Narien Kannapilly, Stephanie Stephen, Neira Kannapilly, and Ryan Arun. Hearty congratulations to all the winners.

CML, HCA, and Jesus Kids members had their first session in November virtually. Leaders actively collaborated with the participants making the session interactive and exciting. Neil Mariya Fernandes shared the advent message representing the CML team as a part of the nativity series, which was posted on the PAC Facebook page.


SMYM team took its first initiative at our parish by organizing several virtual Christmas competitions for the parishioners. The events included action song, storytelling, nativity quiz, Christmas crib, and carol song contest. This initiative helped to evoke the spirit of Christmas among the parishioners during these challenging times. Sincere thanks to all the participants and hearty congratulations to all the winners.

Action Song: 1st Jewel Varghese, 2nd Anaya Abraham, 3rd Daphanie Stephen

Storytelling: 1st Jennifer Tomy, 2nd Evia Jose and Leanne Anurag, 3rd Els Ditto

Christmas Crib: 1st Lukose Luka and family, 2nd Leo Pullan and family, 3rd Bestin Kurian and family

Carol Song: 1st Arun Abraham and family, 2nd Silvy Sebastian and Jennifer Tomy, 3rd Noelina Bestin and sisters

Nativity Quiz: 1st Ronia Matthews, 2nd Rose Doni, 3rd Neira Kannappilly

Family Unit Co-ordinators Meeting

After the election, First Unit Co-Ordinators meeting (term 2020-2022) was conducted on November 8, 2020, via Zoom in Rev. Fr. Daris Cherian's presence. The meeting started at 7 pm; it was to discuss the further developments of the congregation and actions going to be implemented.

Following topics were discussed in the meeting, such as support fund collection, carols, Christmas programs, and collecting recycled materials as part of a fundraising program. Furthermore, restarting of monthly unit prayer meetings through Zoom. The meeting ended with a prayer at 8 pm.

Parish Council Meeting

The Parish Council meeting was held on December 12, 2020, via zoom in the presence of Rev. Fr. Daris Cherian. The meeting started at 7:15 pm, it was to discuss Christmas and New year programFr.Parish Council discussed about Holy Mass (Capacity, Choir and Covid-19 protocol) carol, Christmas program, selling of fundraising tickets, yearly account and support fund, Catechism activities and Crisis Management Team updates.

Furthermore, the council discussed the parish youth's actions and their contribution to the parish. As an initiation, parish youth has taken responsibility for this year's virtual Christmas competition and programs. The meeting ended with a prayer at 9 pm.

Catechism Department

Catechism classes are being conducted online, and students attend them very enthusiastically. Teachers make use of videos provided by the Eparchy, and students have been periodically assessed with assignments. Students are preparing for the mid-year exam on January 24, 2021.

Christmas 2020

Holy Mass was celebrated on Christmas eve at 5 pm, 7 pm, 11:30 pm, and on Christmas day at 6 pm. Maximum church capacity of 30 people attended each Mass. Parishioners had the opportunity to join live via zoom and through the Facebook page as well. The Holy Mass on the 25th was followed by a virtual gathering of the parishioners where they got to share the joy of Christmas as one big family. The meeting was filled with fun, and some families shared Christmas related videos and pictures. The session was ended with carol songs, which boosted the spirit of Christmas.

New Year’ s Eve

Thanksgiving prayers for the passing year 2020 was held on Dec.31 st at 8:00 pm with Holy Mass by Fr. Daris Cherian. Confession and Silent Adoration was arranged from 9:00 pm to 11:00 pm. New Year prayers started with Adoration at 11:30 pm followed by Holy Mass and New year blessings. Adoration and prayers were telecast-ed on Facebook to help everyone to stay united in prayers to welcome 2021.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed New Year 2021. God Bless!

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